The Ghost in the Bell Tower

Glenn’s fascination with Ghost stories began with an invitation to perform in a Ghost Story Concert at Point Walter in 2000, which led to his first Western Australian creation, The Ghost in the Bell Tower, which has now entered Perth’s Urban Mythology. Subsequent concert appearances lead to the creation of The Girl in the White Dress and The Ghost of Eddie Blackwall, which are gothic romantic/historic in style, both set at Pt. Walter.

The Swan Bell Tower at Barrack Square, on the Swan River was completed and opened to the public in January 2001. Most of the bells hung in the tower came from the church of St Martins in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, where they had been hanging since 1727.

In 1986, the St Martins Bell Tower was cracking up, and the bells taken down and the bell tower rebuilt, but with a lighter set of bells. The original 12 bells were then spare, and the Campanologists of Perth, through the State Government, made a request for them. In exchange for an equivalent weight of Copper and Tin sent to the Church (fairs fair) the bells were sent as a Bicentennial gift to Western Australia, and, because we had no place to hang them, they were stored for fourteen years in a warehouse in Osborne Park.. The bells came from London on a ship in crates – big wooden crates – and something else came in the crates, something no-one was expecting….

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