Glenn’s programme of Ghost Stories is particularly popular with an adult audience, and with just a little historical information about your town, he will tailor-make a local Ghost Story, which will become part of your local lore!

Glenn is happy to travel anywhere in Western Australia and beyond!

Glenn’s Story List

Set for Pre-Primary/Year 1-2

These are largely group participation stories, constructed for repetition and retention.

  • Hello
  • On a Big Adventure (Original)
  • Harry, Sally and the Crocodile ( Original)
  • The Story of Please (Adapted)
  • How the Kookaburra got his Laugh (Traditional)
  •  How the Birds got their Colours ( Adapted)
  • Tiddalick ( Adapted for a group performance)
  • The Red Train that Could ( Adapted)
  • How the Elephant got its Trunk ( Adapted)
  • Hats for Sale (Adapted)
  • The Magic Elves
  • The Baby Kangaroos and the Dingoes
  • The Magic Fox ( Japan)
  • Joe the Possum
  • The Three Bears/Pigs/Billy Goats
  • The Walking Shark (Rottnest-original)
  • A Pirate came to Penzance (Original)
  • Parachute (Game)

Set for Middle Primary

These include many requiring active participation from individuals to play parts, and some group participation. Five stories fills about 50 minutes.

  • Three Trolls (Norway)
  • What Women Want Most ( Trad.)
  • Brutus the Dog who ate Everything
  • Harry, Sally and the Crocodile
  • How the Elephant got its Trunk
  • An Environment Story
  • The Ghost Sheep at Collie (Original story created for Book Week at Collie)
  • The Princess and the Mouse (Iraq)
  • The Magic Fox (Japan)
  • Tikitiketembo-nosarembo-charibariruchi-pipperipembo
  • The Legend of the Peach Boy Momotaro (Japan)
  • Hello down There (Adapted)
  • The Walking Shark (Rottnest original)
  • The Three Sillies (Trad.)
  • The King and his Minister (Coelho)
  • There was an Old Lady
  • How the Quokkas Came to Rottnest (Original)
  • Brave Louise (Italy)
  • The Story of Ah Cha
  • The Light at the Bottom of the Sea (Mauritian- traditional)
  • Puss-in-boots (French)
  • The Baker’s Daughter (English traditional)
  • The Witch, the Sheep and the Forest at Gjovj ( Faeroe Islands- original)
  • The Golden Arm ( Jump)
  • Rapunzel
  • Red, Red Lips. ( Adapted)
  • Untangle (Game)
  • Cross-over Dodge (Game)
  • Pretzel (Game)
  • Birthday Line-up (Game)
  • Aura/Push-balance (Game)
  • Animal Circle (Game)

Stories for Upper Primary/High School

These are tight narratives, some only suitable for year 6/7 and above. Most are original works. Failsafe performance for even the most jaded 12 year-old +.

  • Three Trolls (Original. Set in Norway)
  • The Fisherman’s Dream (Adapted. Set in Norway)
  •  The Bride of Mastad (Original. Set in Norway)
  • The Girl in the White Dress (Original Ghost – historical WA)
  • The Ghost of Eddie Blackwall (Original Ghost– historical WA)
  • The Zombie and the White Cross (Transylvanian Fairytale)
  • The Hitchhiker (Comedy. Adapted from Roald Dahl)
  • The Man from the South (Suspense. Adapted from Roald Dahl)
  • The Ghost in the Bell Tower (Original – romantic Ghost WA)
  • The Light at the Bottom of the Sea (Mauritian)
  • Hello down There (Comedy)
  • What Women Want Most ( Trad.)
  •  Yagan, Midgegaroo and Domjum. (Dark History of WA)
  •  The King and His Minister ( Coelho)
  • Six Men of Industan
  • Pandora’s Box
  • Brutus – the dog who ate everything (Comedy)
  • The Tinderbox (Anderson)

Australian Stories

  • How the Kookaburra got his Laugh, also Song.( Participation)
  • Tiddalick the Frog ( Adapted for group participation)
  • How the Birds got their Colours.
  • How the Kangaroos got their Tails.
  • The Baby Kangaroos and the Dingoes( Participation)
  • How the Quokkas came to Rottnest (Original)
  • The Waugul and the Derbal Yirrigan (Acknowledged and adapted)
  • The Walking Shark ) Original)
  • Moondyne Joe
  • Hello Down There (Comedy)
  • Brutus the Dog (Comedy)
  • Yagan, Midgegaroo and Dimjum (Dark History,WA)
  • The Ghost in the Bell Tower (Original)
  • The Girl in the White Dress (Ghost,historical, original)
  • Some of this material is suited for Junior Primary, some for older children and adults.

Christmas Stories

  • The Twelve Days of Xmas
  • The Night before Christmas
  • The Magic Elves
  •  The Red Christmas Train
  • The Baker’s Daughter
  • The story of St Nicholas
  • Babushka
  • The story of Christmas
  • A number of picture books read by Santa’s Elf as part of the Christmas Library Show.
  • Songs for participation, include Rudolph, Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming, We wish you a Merry, We three Kings, Away in a Manger, Silent Night, Twinkle Twinkle, Hokey Pokey,

Halloween Set

Material for both older and younger, also family set.

  • The Ghost in the Bell Tower
  • Sleepy Head
  • The Baddest Man
  • The Zombie and the White Cross
  • Tom Tit Tot
  • The Baker’s Daughter
  • The Sausage Factory
  • Who’s got my golden Arm?
  • The ghost who followed me home.
  • The Lighthouse Keeper and the Postman.
  • Joe Possum (Witches, monsters, ghosts)
  • Red, Red Lips.
  •  Interview with a Vampire.
  •  Brutus the dog who ate Everything.
  •  The Dark, dark Tale. (Picture Book)
  • Spiders Web (String game)
  • Jumping Red Light (Game)

Easter Set

  • The Princess and the Rabbit
  • Easter History (Eostra in the Underworld, Jesus enters Jerusalem on a Rabbit)
  • Constantine’ s Council at Niceae AD 325
  • Easter Island (Great chocolate statues of rabbits)
  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • On an Easter Egg Hunt
  • The Story of Please
  • The Magic Rabbits
  • Fox and Hare
  • Carrots for Sale (Eggs for Sale )
  • Joe the Rabbit (One night there may come a chocolate eating mummy monster.)
  • Rabbit’s Story (Who am I? What do I do? Knock Knock, etc Performed in costume)
  • Balloons (Bunny Rabbits)
  • Cadbury Jump (Game)
  • Rabbit Says (Game)
  • Follow the Rabbit (game)
  • Egg Throw (Game)
  • Fox and Rabbit (Game)
  • Animal Circle (Game)

Stories Various

  • The Ginger Bread Man
  • The Cat and the Devil
  • The Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
  • The Tinderbox (Anderson)
  • Old One Eye
  • How Do You Wake a Sleeping Prince?
  • The Enchanter’s Daughter
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  • The Selfish Giant (Wilde)
  • Beauty and the Beast (French)
  • The Wide Mouthed Frog
  • The Rat Catcher (Dahl)
  • The Two Hunchbacks (Italian)
  • Steward Verity (Italian)
  • Raksas the Mosquito (Malaysia)
  • Bella Venezia (Italian)
  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Ulysses and Circe
  • Psyche and Cupid
  • The Labours of Hercules
  • Pandora’s Box


(Various Games to break up Story sets for Young ones.)

  • Parachute (Picnic and Tidal Wave x 3 / Sharks and Fishes (by Ages) / Stretch for Babies / Tent Pole / “Up’n’under don’t let it touch your head!” / The running roundabout)
  • Untangle
  • Cross-over Dodge
  • Pretzel
  • Birthday Line-up
  • Aura/Push-balance
  • Animal Circle
  • Cadbury Jump
  • Rabbit Says
  • Egg Throw
  • Fox and Rabbit

Story Examples

The Ghost in the Bell Tower

Glenn’s fascination with Ghost stories began with an invitation to perform in a Ghost Story Concert at Point Walter in 2000, which lead to his first Western Australian creation, The Ghost in the Bell Tower, which has now entered Perth’s Urban Mythology. Subsequent concert appearances lead to the creation of The Girl in the White Dress and The Ghost of Eddie Blackwall, which are gothic romantic/historic in style, both set at Pt. Walter. He plans to publish them as a set…

Read More

The Ghost Sheep at Collie

Here’s an example of a Ghost Story created for a site specific performance using existing historical elements. The town of Collie now has a NEW GHOST!

Read More

How the Quokkas came to Rottnest

A long, long time ago, when giant dingoes roamed Australia (there were dinosaurs too, but they’re not in this story) a big mob of red kangaroos was eating the grass on the Kimberley plateau one fine summer’s morning…

Read More

Thank you for your fantastic performance for the Ghosts and Goblins storytime at Joondalup Public Library. The children enjoyed meeting 'Sir William Palfrey'. Later that evening, a mum phoned up to say her child had not stopped talking about the great time they had.

Vanessa MurphyYouth Services Librarian Joondalup

Thanks for your fantastic contribution to our children's Bookweek program. You were a howling success as always!! Please pencil us in for next year.

Kris CurrowClaremont Library

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